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Deviant Beginnings

May 1, 2017

Just got done in the ER. Edison has an ear infection. Went to the pharmacy to fill his script. 15 minute wait. No one else in the waiting area. It was a bare bones room, which is good considering there wasn't anything he could destroy.


Pharmacist comes up and says his prescription is ready. I go up to collect and pay. Edison starts pushing a chair across the room. Not ideal but at least he is quiet and distracted. Right around the time the pharmacist tells me his poo will turn red I hear a phone dialing out over a speaker.

*Ooooohhhhh Nooooooooo!!!!*

I run around to the next window and here is Edison, on top of the counter, playing with the landline phone.

I get stern with him, remove him for his perch and turn red. The pharmacist thinks this scene is hilarious and says, "You have a handful there!" I put the chair back, collected our things and got the hell out. Even in illness this kid is a chair pushing deviant.

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