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Fine Art Photography

by Alicia Liebel-Berg

Award-Winning Content Creator for Families, Real Estate Developers, and Small-Business Professionals

For two years Alicia lived in the northwest African country of Mauritania. It was here that the people and the religion of Islam taught her the variegated meaning of Bismillah.

"Bismillah enables us to build muscles of gratitude and thankfulness toward God and to other fellow human beings. It shapes us to be more mindful people. It allows us to see the signs of God in the actions that we are about to do. The prayer of Bismillah brings attention to God’s fingerprints and all of the manifestations of his creation."

Imam Abdullah Antepli - Muslim Chaplain, Duke University

This simple prayer became her spiritual practice in gratitude, guidance and grace.

Bismillah is where her expression of creativity begins. 

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Her Story

Elevated Expression

Alicia's award-winning, fine art photography communicates her perspective in a moment. Unscripted, her voice shows strength on the initial capture. They are viewpoints that hold focus on unique details. Her artistic touch is subtle in post-production using balanced adjustments to elevate her undeniable expression.

Mother Reads to Daughter


Minneapolis + St. Paul, Minnesota

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