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It's time for a refresh...

Comparison culture.

In my experience, it is paralyzing as it blocks the flow of creativity. I find myself frozen, avoiding the very act of creation due to the deceiving thoughts of, "this isn't good enough". It has been such a disservice to my purpose as it goes against the very reason why I was given this life.

I was created to create and up until recently, I spent far too long judging my work through the lens of others. I lost my own perspective, the very thing that allowed me to be unique in the first place. In reflection I saw that my photography isn't fussy, or elaborate, thus my brand shouldn't be, either. Unscripted photography is spontaneous, even serendipitous. I saw that it was time to simplify, not to force my artistic process to follow the trends. I needed my work to less laborious and more subtle.

In keeping with the established name of Studio Bismillah, its color palate, and inspiration I transitioned the monogram and primary typeface. What you see below is the result of this substantive refresh. Welcome to the new brand that will carry me forward as I begin my creative work for 2023.

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