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Banana Beginnings

This morning's delicate Monday dance? Guiding the opening of a banana by Edison. We do this delicate dance every, single, time because the world comes to a screeching halt when his banana breaks in two.

That damn banana broke into two this morning. His wailing likely woke up the neighbors. Seconds later I came down like rapture - explained that it was a glorious summer morning, the banana was still edible and he now had one for each hand. We, especially him, were moving on! The crocodile tears subsided and by the time we reached daycare (with a delay waiting for a goose crossing of TWENTY-ONE baby geese and five adults to cross the road - there they were, one long ribbon stretched from one sidewalk to the next) he had finished that banana. Tough love for bringing down the rapture on a toddler but we can't all be Mother of the Year on a Monday morning.

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