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A Fine Art Print

On one stunning summer day near the end of June, I was in my hometown of Watford City, North Dakota. My return was marked by sorrow for what is to come, one of my brothers has a terminal illness. The town rallied and hosted a pancake benefit to help raise funds for medical expenses. I put five fine art prints up for auction.

During the benefit I connected with a classmate of mine who I hadn't seen in years. From that conversation she asked me to drive out by her family farm and photograph a butte that held quite a bit of childhood nostalgia for her. We grew up as neighbors, or as close as neighbors can be in the country. We visited her grandparents home to Trick or Treat for Halloween.

I love North Dakota skies and the sweeping prairie grasses and while I had hoped for a glorious cloud filled backdrop, a thunderstorm set in and became my palate instead.

Once I had completed the principal photography I returned home to the Twin Cities to edit and sent her a few versions to pick from. This is the image she settled on (framed above). It's moody and yet that was the glorious scene that afternoon. I miss North Dakota for many reasons, but the primary reason is for the rolling thunderstorms that can be seen for miles on end. They are powerful.

Preparing fine art prints for my clients is a careful process that involves special touches that add value. Each print is hand signed, numbered as exclusive limited editions and enclosed with a Certificate of Authenticity. As an added bonus, my clients know that I hand package and inspect them personally as an added touch of care.

The print now hangs above her piano in her home.

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