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Chocolate Cocoa

My son is a Threenager and as the holiday season crept up on us it became clear that he was in tune with every event that came our way. He scolded me back in October wanting to know why I hadn't put up any decorations for Halloween. I hadn't given it much thought because I had no idea he was paying attention. I fixed that despair right away, I had a critic I needed to satisfy. Truth be told, those who know me KNOW that I am the person who decorates. For this year I had been spending my time working on launching my business and various services and products that I am producing. Working on having my home seasonally festive was not high on my 'to do' list. But, my little Threenager asked me to stop and focus on the home; so I did.

My kids have surprised me in ways I never knew they could. I do not give them enough credit for being observant and empathetic. Each time they prove themselves more than worthy I find myself feeling a little sheepish but exceedingly proud. On one cold day the Threenager asked for some Chocolate Cocoa. How he came to this word, I doubt I will ever know but it's cute and uniquely him. He has been on a Chocolate Cocoa kick lately and it has inspired me to photograph the lovely delicacy that Chocolate Cocoa can be.

Part of the joy of owning your own business is you can have fun, oodles of fun, whenever the creative spirit strikes you. The kids napped and I dug in. I thought the styled shoot with ribbon was exciting, but this warm and cozy iteration was divine.

The other element I love about styling is the fact that the possibilities are endless. You could hand the same ingredient to five different people and every shot would be different. It takes the pressure off when creating because in some ways, there are no wrong answers, just unlimited potential. I hope you find that liberating because I do! The challenging part was deciding which photos were going to make the cut for publishing. That is always a good problem to have.

From this process I discovered that my children LOVE marshmallows. I know for most this isn't shocking, but it was a little uncanny with how it only took one bite of the tiny fluff and they were hooked and clamoring for more. Perhaps this will be a good stocking-stuffer. And just like that - I have a new project!

Create your own Chocolate Cocoa:

Studio Bismillah, LLC is not sponsored to feature these products. It is merely a service to assist those who would like to recreate an arrangement of their own or a festive holiday moment with their own children.

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