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Project 2 - One Second Everyday

In mapping out the course of projects and actives over the next year, I browsed around for inspiration. This will likely be my shortest post because the premise of my second project is as simple as it is fun.

A Simple Premise

In 2012, Cesar Kuriyama took a year long sabbatical and in it created the idea of recording one second of video, every single day. He then combined all of the snips together. The result was inspirational. His TedTalk launched it all.

Fast forward to today where the ability of documenting one second, everyday is world wide with a fun app that was launched by KickStarter.

I am now 11 days into my second project and I find myself challenged to chose the one singular second to remember the day by. Even so, it has been incredibly enjoyable and I really looking forward to seeing what the next year will bring and what makes the cut.

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