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Wearing Your Voice, Your Memories

Throughout life, t-shirts have marked the moments that have made me, the minutes that have created memories. For as long as I could remember, a t-shirt is a commemoration of my life, my identity. They serve as an expression of emotion a statement of belief. Thus, it should come as no surprise that when life brings an event, or a gathering, I make a t-shirt. I am the proverbial 'wear my heart on my sleeve' kind of person.

Some of my past designs are below, some were far more involved than others. Transforming the personalities and likeness of my family into Lego faces was truly one of my best efforts.

As a first-time mom of a Kindergartner, I was presented with the perfect opportunity. I had joined up with a small mom-group and to make it official - kicked it off with this shameless sentiment.

Ready to Wear Your Voice, Your Memories?

These are some simple steps that you can follow:

  1. Identify an event or impromptu gathering that needs commemorating or a sentiment that you want to express.

  2. Choose a theme, tone, and color scheme based on your location and audience.

  3. Find a place to design and print your shirts. This is my absolute favorite online t-shirt printing company.* Custom Ink

  4. Order your creative masterpiece t-shirts, distribute, and wear them till they are worn through.

For this particular t-shirt, our little moms society will wear this on the first day of school, at our champagne toast, every year as our children grow older. In this, the year of COVID, we needed a little bit of cheer as we march into the unknown of what this school-year will bring.

What was the design intent? The school colors are white, blue and yellow, the school mission supports the development of virtuous leaders and we are a group of moms who are simply trying to get through a year that is far from any hint of normal. Why are we Perfect? You can read about that story (here).

You now have the empowered tools to share your voice and mark your memories. The only question you have to ask yourself now is, "What should the t-shirt say?"


* I need to mention that this is NOT a sponsored post. The CustomInk website simply has an amazing selection of clip art, fonts/typefaces, colors and t-shirt styles, adult and youth sizes, you can add your own design if you want to (see Lego shirt) and their customer service is incredible, truly. I use this site because I can put together a design that my perfectionist mind loves in very little time. The one caveat is their minimum shirt order is six.

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